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Old Baby Mackerel are a UK band who play traditional bluegrass songs as they should be played, with a twist of British wit on the side. Expect tales of love, murder, whisky and railroads alongside blistering solos and harmonies so sweet they could make an onion cry! The project is a coming together of respected musicians from the UK with a classic line-up of banjo, guitar, double bass, fiddle and mandolin. 

Old Baby Mackerel have played alongside award-winning Bluegrass band Jeff Scroggins and Colorado, headlined the Northern Irish and Swiss Bluegrass festivals and played festivals such as Glastonbury and Shambala in the UK, Acoustic Summer in Germany and Jai Thep in Thailand to name a few.


You can catch them performing at the following dates and times:


Friday 23rd July 12:30 Victoria Square Bandstand
Friday 23rd July 20:00 The Village, Moseley